Air Conditioning Servicing & Regas


Whatever time of year it is, there will be days when your vehicle’s air conditioning system is needed. During the summer you can keep the cabin cool when the sun is shining, and in the winter you will need it to demist the windows before you set off.

Come to Townparks for regular air conditioning checks. We have the knowledge and facilities to service, repair, and recharge your vehicle’s system, so that it works at its very best all year round.

Benefits of an air conditioning recharge and service

Making sure the system is working as it should is important for many reasons. An inefficient unit will take longer to heat or cool the cabin, which reduces the vehicle’s fuel economy. An unclean system also releases bacteria into the cabin, causing bad odours – and it can also trigger an allergic reaction.?

When to recharge and service an air conditioning system

Over the course of a year, an air conditioning system will lose around ten percent of its gas. Most manufacturers therefore recommend a recharge every two years. Our skilled technicians remove and replace the old refrigerant gas and oil, thoroughly clean the system, and take a temperature reading to make sure the task has been fully completed.

Alongside a recharge, your vehicle’s unit should be serviced every three years from registration, or at 30,000 miles and then every two years after that. Exact timeframes do vary, so please check with the Townparks service team and they will be happy to assist.

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